15 Facts About Cats For All Cat Lovers In The World

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Facts About Cats

Cats are loved by people all across the globe. Along with dogs, they are the most popular pet animals in the world. They have also been revered by people for millennia. Cats were considered holy and worshipped by people in ancient Egypt. So aside from being cute and cuddly, they also seem divine to some people. For many people, a life without their pet cats is impossible. Ask the Swiss, they can’t live without their cats at all. Perhaps no modern country loves cats more than Switzerland. But even the biggest cat lovers might not know some of the facts about cats that we are going to mention in this post. Without further ado, let’s get started and make this kitty purr.

15 Interesting Facts About Cats That You Might Not Know

15 Cat Facts for Cat Lovers

  1. Cats purr 1500 times per minute. Many people think that a purring cat is a happy cat, but this is not necessarily the case. Even today, the purring of the cat leaves scientists in the dark. Most people agree that cat purring has more than one purpose.
  2. Because his cat wanted to go in and out all the time and bothered him in his experiments, Isaac Newton invented the cat flap.
  1. Cat urine glows in UV light.
  2. The oldest cat in the world was called Creme Puff. She died in 2005 at the age of 38.
  3. In Talkeetna – a town in Alaska – a tomcat named Stubbs served as mayor for 15 years.
  4. Researchers believe cats meow to communicate with humans. Cats rarely communicate with each other by meowing. They express their mood mainly through their ears. 
  5. A cat’s ear has 32 muscles.
  6. Cats love expressing themselves with their eyes. If a cat blinks at you with both eyes, it means your pet considers you a friend.
  7. Cats are the kings of the Internet. Who does not know them, the “cat-hypes” of the Internet? Cats sneaking into smaller objects or cats being caught in a circle. Add to that countless videos of cute kittens. Almost no animal is as proficient at the Internet as the cat. And let’s not forget the “ICANHASCHEEZBURGER”, “lolcats” memes of the late 2000s.
  1. Cats can jump six times higher than their own height. They achieve this because they have an extremely flexible spine, strong legs, and strong back muscles. Cats owe their agility to their special shoulder blades. Since cats do not have a collarbone, the shoulder blades are connected to the spine by ligaments and muscles. 
  2. While humans only have 34 vertebrae, cats have 53.
  3. Cats love boxes and cartons, it’s no longer a secret. However, boxes are more than just toys for cats, they give them security and serve as a place of retreat. According to a 2014 study, a hiding box can reduce stress in cats.
  1. Cats hear better than most mammals – certainly better than humans and also better than dogs. By comparison, cats can hear sounds that are 3 to 5 times higher in pitch than humans.
  2. Cats sleep about 70% of their life, that is, between 12 and 16 hours a day. Cats are rarely in deep sleep. Their senses are able to perceive up to 70% of the sounds and smell around them and, if necessary, immediately go into a waking state. As a sleeping place for cats, it is suitable, for example, to use trees, beds or caves.
  1. One of the most common rumors is that cats always land on their feet. If the height is too low or too high, cats cannot complete their turn and therefore do not always land on their paws. Even though cats usually land on their paws, they can still injure themselves because they cannot always completely cushion the fall. Another important fact is that cats need to learn this skill with time, kittens don’t have that skill.

Fun things to do for your cat

  • Get your cat a cat tree or some furniture to play with and have fun.
  • Take your cat for a spa day and give the coat a good cleansing.
  • Get your cat a cardboard box with cat snacks.
  • If you like cooking, you can also create some cat treats and garnish them with the special ingredient of love.
  • Get your cat a new toy and have fun.

So those were some of the most interesting facts about cats and some fun things you can do with your cat. Hopefully, you can enjoy your time with your cat even more now.

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