Small Cat Breeds: Which Are The Smallest Cats That You Can Have As Pets?

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Small Cat Breeds

There are a little over 100 cat breeds that are known by zoologists on planet earth. There are ancient, natural breeds such as the Turkish Angora cats and there are new breeds such as the Sphynx cats that were created through selective breeding in the 1960s. The whole cat family has a lot of variety and unless you are a cat expert, it is very difficult to keep up with every single one. Before you buy a pet cat or adopt one, it’ll be very useful for you to learn about the cat’s needs and what you need from a cat as well. Some cats have more docile temperaments than others, so get a cat based on the temperament you want. Don’t get a high energy cat if you just want a feline partner who doesn’t move around much. Size is another aspect you should keep in your mind while getting a cat. If you have a large house, you can go for a Bengal Cat or a Maine Coon. However, if you live in a small apartment, you should look for a small cat breed. Small cat breeds eat less than large cat breeds for obvious reasons so you should keep food expenses in mind as well. There are breeds of small cats such as the Singaporean, the Balinese or the Bombay. Some of these cats weigh just over a kilogram.

However, remember that the size of the cats can vary and sometimes there are unusually larger/smaller cats when compared to their breed’s average size. We advise you that before buying a cat consider the option of going through a shelter or kennel and look at the mongrel kittens that live there waiting to have a home. Maybe some of the ones you see fit the characteristics you are looking for and want to take home.

On the other hand, if you are thinking of acquiring one of the breeds that you will see below, it is important that you know well the characteristics of this type of animal and that you have accurate information from both the seller and the origin of your future pet. There have been many cases in which kittens are sold that have weaned prematurely or that are malnourished. These animals suffer from developmental problems such as dwarfism and some people take advantage of it to sell them by passing them off as one of these breeds. You have been warned, so stay away from such cats and breeders. Now, on to our small cat breeds, the tiny bundles of joy. Let’s get started.

Which Are the Best Small Cat Breeds?

Cats, just like dogs, vary in size. There are some which are very big, and some which are very small. Here are the best small cat breeds:


The Korat cat has its origin in Thailand. His body is quite muscular and strong, however, his size is not very large. Its weight is between 2 and 4 kilos.

It is a beautiful feline that is characterized by having its entire body covered by a soft silver-blue fur, in which its two large green or honey eyes stand out.

Devon Rex 

The Devon Rex cannot be missing from this list of small cat breeds either. Its ears and eyes are quite large compared to the rest of the body, which gives it a very particular appearance.

One of the most striking characteristics of this very novel cat (it emerged in the 60s) is its short, soft and wavy hair. Its average weight should not be much more than 2 kilos if it is fed in the right conditions and its size is around 27 – 39 cm.


The Burmese cat is perfect to live in families with children because of its affectionate nature and its size. Also, females are usually much smaller than males.


This little cat is named after the Balinese dancers because, these cats are as active, bouncy, funny and talkative as the dancers. These cats also have stunning blue eyes.


Undoubtedly one of the most significant characteristics of the Munchkin cat is its short legs. In addition to giving it a very funny appearance, it makes it one of the most appreciated small cat breeds!

It is a fairly recent breed. The cause of its legs being shorter than normal is a genetic mutation, but this does not prevent it from being an agile and playful cat. Males do not usually weigh more than 4 kilos and females 3 kg.

The respiratory problems that pugs have or the knee injuries suffered by bulldogs are some of the consequences of crossbreeds. Through such crosses, munchkin kittens were also obtained that have everything a human wants but not what a kitten wants. Its artificial physiognomy involves denaturing an animal such as the cat whose origin is speed, agility and jumping.


It reaches, at most, 4 kg if it is male and 3 if it is female, and is one of the most popular small cat breeds.

Its curly hair makes it quite special since this fur is not very common in cats. It has short legs and is usually multi-colored. Because of its curly cute fur, the Skookum looks really adorable.


Said to be the smallest breed of cat in the world, and no wonder, the Singapore or Singapura cats have very small measurements: they measure between 15 and 20 cm when they are adults and its average weight is between 1 and 3 kilos.

This size, along with his soft, light brown hair, makes them look like adorable plush toys. Of course, a stuffed animal that must be given all the care that felines require!


They are like miniature panthers: energetic, intelligent and even talkative. And you know what’s best? They love to be taken for walks with a harness. They are also very playful, so you can find them playing around your house on many occasions.

Egyptian Mau

In Egypt, “Mau” means cat so it is called this way. These animals were revered and protected as sacred animals in ancient Egyptian civilization. If someone killed an Egyptian Mau, they were punished with the death penalty.

Rusty Spotted Cat

This small cat breed is so adorable. They could not be missing in this list of small cats, since their weight does not exceed one kilo and a half and their measurements are around 43 cm counting head and tail.

Its body is usually ochre, ivory or brown, with darker shades in the form of spots.

So those were some of the most adorable small cat breeds in the world. If you are looking for cute, cuddly, mini furballs, choose from any of these. 

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